Wednesday, June 6, 2012


You may ask why I am writing a book about what to do in your free time.  It is because this time is so valuable.  If you spend your free time wisely, you will profit from it and it will be a success, but if you waste your free time,  then you are worse off than if you had never had any free time.

I have many suggestions here for what you can do in your free time, and things that you can do to spend your time wisely for success.  This information is not only for you today, but for your children and their children.

If anyone is frustrated at where they are in life, then look to this book and find something you can do in your free time that will turn you into a success.

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1 comment:

  1. Free Time Equals Success.

    My dear friend Fuad, It is an honor to continue reading your valuable books and enjoy adding to my life such a valuable and beautiful thoughts.

    Here I am in front of your new book, which I consider an invitation to organize the life of the reader as to take advantage of free time.

    At the beginning of my reading I had to find the spare time to read carefully where I found that I am walking on the footsteps of your words, which made me enjoy the good start. And then I began to put myself in each instance that you’ve wrote in a simple and beautiful words.

    I liked your initiative to take advantage of free time in several ways such as helping others or maintenance or find solutions for things that I could not find the time to think about it in work, itc....

    Personally I do not have a lot of free time. But when I have some of it, I start to exercise my favorite hobby which is writing, and poetry in particular.
    Sometimes I spend my spare time with the family which we go to places that they Preferred .
    Reading a nice book is not a bad idea too.

    Finally, through my reading of your beautiful book, I found that we can be active in our community positively more if we could manage our free time properly.
    So thank you very much for giving us this opportunity to think positively about the valuable spare time that we might have.

    Your sincerely friend,
    Capt. Jameel Qostee